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Antenatal care

Dr. Raviraj prefers to see her patients for an initial consultation between 8  & 11 weeks. Follow up appointments are scheduled at regular intervals and she organises appropriate investigations, such as ultrasound scans and blood tests, when necessary. Brief ultrasound scans will be performed during each visit to assess the wellbeing of the mother and baby and referral to a specialist ultrasound scan will be made when necessary. Urine tests are not routinely done at each visit, unless there are any other associated medical conditions which coexist. At 36 weeks, Dr. Raviraj will discuss options for pain management and methods available for the induction of labour. 


Though appointments are scheduled at regular intervals, she can be flexible with these appointments, should the need arise. She is easily accessible at all times throughout your pregnancy via the friendly reception staff. They will answer any questions patients may have and will convey queries onto Dr. Raviraj and patients will be seen urgently if required. In case of an emergency, the staff will direct patients appropriately. In the event of unavailabilty of Dr. Raviraj (e.g. she is at a delivery/operating) patients will be advised of this and appropriate alternative arrangements will be made.


Dr. Raviraj values her patients' time and if for any reason, the appointments are running behind schedule, patients will be infomed and appointments will be rescheduled.



Dr. Raviraj provides information about and discusses the modes of delivery and involves the couple in the decision making process. Living in close proximity to the hospital makes her available for delivery even at short notice. However, in the case of sickness or unforeseen circumstances, another obstetrician with similar expertise will attend the delivery on Dr. Raviraj's behalf. If she has scheduled leave, she ensures that her patients' care is not compromised by making backup arrangements with another specialist. By limiting the number of obstetrics clients, she is able to spend more time during consultations and during the delivery.



Patients will be seen everyday while they are in the hospital, until the patient is discharged. Dr. Raviraj will organise a post natal check up 6 weeks after the delivery. In this visit, she will address any concerns that may have arisen during the pregnancy, labour and postnatal period and will organisation a pap smear if required. She also uses this visit to discuss contraception and any follow up investigations to be performed. 




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